Stove Bright is the hearth industry brand for a wide variety of products. Our reputation has been built upon the performance of our High Temperature Resistant Paint used on wood stoves, pellet stoves, gas fireplace inserts and vent pipe. Our Stove Bright aerosol paint is the best solution for manufacturer touch-up, installation finishing or for the do-it-yourself painter that wants to refurbish their heating appliance. With high heat resistance, Stove Bright can be used on a variety of projects such as automotive headers, boilers, furnaces, barbecues and other metal surfaces.


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Stove Bright® has been the industry leader in temperature resistant coatings for decades.  Original formulations were developed by Scott Forrest and his team in 1978.  Stove Bright® soon earned the reputation for the best performing liquid temperature resistant coating for hearth heating appliances.   Manufacturers around the world use Stove Bright®.  The aerosol paint was originally created to allow production line personnel the chance to touch-up assembled units with an exact match for the original finish with all of the heat resistant performance characteristics.  The aerosol products were made available to installers and after-market decorators for touch-up and repaint of units.

Today the Stove Bright® brand is found on high heat resistant paint, medium temperature resistant paint, and paint for chimney and roof flashing.  You can buy Stove Bright® Brush-on formulation of the high heat paint for various projects.

FORREST Technical Coatings stands behind the Stove Bright® products with excellent customer service.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

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