STOVE BRIGHT Gas Vent Pipe Paint

FORREST Technical Coatings has been working with manufacturers in the hearth industry for decades. Some manufacturers choose to use baked-on enamel or porcelain finishes for their gas fired units. The manufacturers asked for paint to coat vent pipe that would match the finish on the stoves. Stove Bright Gas Vent Pipe Paint was made for this match.


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* Paint Gas Vent Pipe to match the stove finish
* Paint any properly prepared metal surface with a smooth gloss finish
* Paint outdoor exposed metal


* Matches popular gas stove heating appliance finish
* Temperature tolerance to 250F (121C)
* Provides smooth gloss finish
* Can be used direct to metal or over shop coat primer
* Convenient aerosol spray
* Dozens of colors to choose
* Custom color matching available

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