STOVE BRIGHT® High Temperature Paint

36 colors of high temperature paint. Easy-to-use aerosols. The hearth industry's high temp paint choice for wood stoves, gas stoves, pellet stoves, and stove pipe.

STOVE BRIGHT® High Temp Paint: Up to 1200° F (650° C)

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Choose from 36 High Temp Paint Colors!
  • Easy-to-use aerosols
  • Temperature resistance up to 1200° F (650° C)
  • Preferred high temp paint of the hearth industry




Uses for Stove Bright® High Temperature Paint

Stove Bright® High Temperature Paint has been used to coat a wide variety of metal surfaces that require heat resistance for operating temperatures above 400°F.

Stove Bright® High Temperature Paint uses:

  •  Touch-up a newly installed wood stove, pellet stove or gas fireplace insert
  •  Repaint any free-standing wood, gas or pellet stove
  •  Paint vent pipe
  •  Paint fireplace brick, masonry, and ceramic fiber liners
  •  Paint automotive headers
  •  Paint boilers, furnaces or radiators
  •  Paint barbecues, smokers or fire pits
Benefits of Stove Bright® High Temperature Paint

Stove Bright® provides excellent coating performance with these characteristics:

  •  High heat resistance to peak temperatures of 1200°F (650°C)
  •  Excellent adhesion to properly prepared metal surfaces
  •  Due to tight bond to metal, no primer is necessary for indoor appliances
  •  Easy to apply and quick to dry (less than 30 minutes)
  •  Available from thousands of hearth professionals across the U.S.
  •  Because many manufacturers use Stove Bright® for their OEM coating, Stove Bright® High Temperature Paint in aerosol is an exact match for those coated units
Stove Bright® High Temp Paint: Technical Product Data

Stove Bright® High Temp Paint is a technical product manufactured to tight tolerances for optimum performance to create a beautiful finish on metal where the coating will be subject to high temperatures.  Understanding the characteristics of the coating and its performance will result in the best result for your project.

Stove Bright High Temp Paint: Technical Product Data
  • Coverage per aerosol can

    Approximately 12 Square Feet
  • Chemistry

    Modified Silicone Alkyd
  • Peak heat resistance

    1200°F (650°C)
  • Operating Heat resistance

    600°F - 900°F depending upon color
  • Gloss range

    2% - 15% @ 60° reflectance
  • Time between coats

    10 - 15 minutes
  • Dry to handle

    20 minutes
  • Dry for assembly

    2 hours
  • Dry time before heat set

    4 hours
  • Air cured enamel

    5 days
  • Heat set / Initial Burn

    2 - 4 hours low, medium and extremely hot burn
  • Colors

    36 colors Stove Bright High Temp Paint in aerosol
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