High temperature fireplace paint and high temp wood stove paint for hearth industry manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers worldwide.

High temperature fireplace paint and high temp wood stove paint

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High Temperature Fireplace Paint for Manufacturers (OEM)

Manufacturers use our bulk high temperature paint or high temperature powder coatings in their production of wood or gas stoves. The wood and gas stove manufacturing industry is a central product and service focus of our business.

We focus on each manufacturer’s specific needs in high heat formulation including color, customized application specifications, and performance characteristics. We will work with you to find the specific high temperature paint or powder formulation that works for your product and process.

Manufacturers appreciate that our high temperature fireplace paint is available in touch up aerosols for manufacturers, retailers and DIYers through distribution. Manufacturers know consumers will be able to easily maintain their fireplace, wood or gas stove with the same high temperature paint original to their appliance.

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40 Years of High Temperature Experience

R&D And Custom Formulation in High Temperature Paint for Fireplaces, Woodstoves and Gas Stoves

After 40 years of service to the hearth industry, our deep organizational expertise as a high temperature paint manufacturer shows in our process and products. We work with hearth industry manufacturers to choose an appropriate high temperature paint or high temperature powder coating for fireplaces and wood stoves on their line.

When you work with FORREST Technical Coatings you will have access to a huge catalog of high temperature paint and high temp powder coatings for fireplaces and wood and gas stoves.

We have our top-selling standard formulations listed on our Stove Bright® High Temperature Paint for manufacturers page, but we also custom formulate high temperature coatings that fit unique needs. We list some of these coatings developed for our customers’ specific needs and available to others on the Stove Bright Unique Coatings page, but we will work with you to find the coating to fit your needs as a manufacturer. This process may include a project with our team, R&D efforts, custom formulation efforts, site visits from our technical team, and other services to ensure our high temp paint works for you.


Serving Hearth Industry Retailers and DIY consumers with 36 High Heat Paint Colors

Need Stove Bright® High Temperature Paint Aerosols and Other Products For Retail or DIY?

We have the most high heat paint colors available on the market with our standard 36 colors of Stove Bright® High Temperature Paint in aerosol and brush on.

We maintain a distributor network throughout the USA and Canada as well as the UK, Europe and Australia and New Zealand. Stove Bright aerosols are convenient for manufacturers, distributors and retailers who need to do touch up. Hearth industry professionals and DIYers also buy these aerosols as a high temperature paint for fireplace, wood stove, or gas stove refurbishment.

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What Will Be The High Temperature Paint of the Future?

We Are Developing The Next Generation High Temperature Coatings

The focus of our R&D facilities and laboratory is high temperature fireplace paint and high temp wood stove paint. We also serve other industries iwith our high temp expertise.

As a high temperature coatings manufacturer, we are on the cutting edge of formulation in high temperature paint for the future–including high solids, ambient cure, and high temp powder coatings. We are in constant contact with customers about changing regulations and consumer demands for coatings. We work with customers to design the high temperature paint for hearth they need specifically.

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