High temperature paint for bbq, grill, and smoker: heat resistant, corrosion resistant, UV resistant, and grease resistant.

High Temp Paint for BBQ, Grill, and Smoker

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High Temperature Paint for BBQ

Watch us refinish this barbeque with our high temp paint.

Bbq manufacturers use Stove Bright High Temp BBQ Paint because of its beautiful appearance and resistance to animal fats and smoke.

Our high temp paints for bbq are durable and scrubbable. They perform well in long-term UV exposure without visible fading.

This product is available to consumers as well as OEMS.

High Temperature Smoker Paint

Smoker manufacturers require a high temp paint for smokers with long run times at high temperature. We recommend Stove Bright High Temp BBQ Paint, which is formulated to not break down at heats of up to 1200° F.

A high temp paint for a smoker must perform well in long-term UV exposure without visible fading. Also, built up animal fat will not compromise the coating.

High Temp Grill Paint

Grills often operate for shorter time periods than bbqs or smokers, but still require a heat grade paint. Even short period exposure to extreme temperatures, smoke, and animal fats can compromise a typical coating. A high temp grill paint should be used to protect the metal encasement of the grill.

Grills themselves should never be coated with our paint, as it is not a food-grade coating.

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