High Temp for OEMs and Applicators

High temp paint, powder, and aerosol coatings (up to 1200°F).

Bulk products and aerosols for manufacturers (OEMS) and professional applicators protecting high heat components.

High Temp Paint Customized For Your Product

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Why Choose FORREST High Temp Coatings?

As the global leader in high temp coatings, our capabilities in high temp paint, powder coatings, and aerosols are unmatched by any competitor.

We serve the high temp needs of OEMS and professional applicators by providing:

  • R&D paint and powder chemists who specialize in high temp paint technology
  • Consultation to ensure product fit for specific high temp applications
  • New product development and product customization to fit manufacturer needs
  • On-site technical support from chemists and technical sales staff

Explore our products below or contact us to start a conversation about your high temp needs.

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