FireSlug Non-Toxic Slash Burner

Meet the worker-safe and environmentally-friendly way to start slash piles.

FireSlug Slash Burner

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A New Technology for Safe and Effective Slash Pile Burning
12" non-toxic gelled blivets
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Ignites wet or dry piles even in wet weather
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Safe and easy to light
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Advanced safety and environmental protections

Equip your team with a superior solution for starting burn piles. Users report FireSlug ignites slash piles more effectively in bad weather than traditional fuel methods such as a drip torch because of its extended burn duration.

FireSlug Slash Burner is a more sustainable and safer choice than traditional lighting methods. It is primarily comprised of recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional combustible fuels. It also does not leave toxic residue on the landscape.

Use Cases

Controlled Burns Made Easy:

FireSlug Slash Burner offers a seamless and efficient way to initiate controlled burns. The 12″ gelled blivets enclosed within a plastic sheath ensure easy handling and transportation. Whether you are dealing with wet or dry wood piles, FireSlug will ignite them and keep them burning.

Forestry and Agricultural Applications:

Slash burning is an essential practice in both forestry and agriculture to clear out excess vegetation, reduce wildfire risks, and promote healthy ecosystem growth. FireSlug provides a reliable and eco-friendly fire starter solution.

Land Management and Restoration:

Restore and manage your land with precision and environmental consciousness. FireSlug helps you maintain the balance of your property by facilitating controlled burns for vegetation management, improving wildlife habitats, and enhancing overall ecosystem health.

Emergency Fire Management:

In times of emergencies, quick and effective fire ignition is crucial. FireSlug provides a safe and efficient solution for fire management personnel to control and contain wildfires rapidly, minimizing potential damage to life and property.



We take pride in our commitment to sustainability. FireSlug Slash Burning Solution is made primarily from recycled materials, reducing the strain on natural resources and contributing to a cleaner environment.

Worker-Safe and Non-Toxic:

Ensuring the safety of your workforce is paramount. FireSlug’s non-toxic composition and secure packaging make it a safe option for your team to handle during ignition procedures. Count on FireSlug for a fire starting solution safer than traditional fuels.

Rapid Ignition:

The 12″ gelled blivets reach peak temperature (400 °F) in 15 minutes. The slow release allows for safe lighting and for extended duration burn to make sure material dries and ignites.

Tested and Approved:

FireSlug was tested at the US Forest Service testing facility in Missoula, MT. Our product meets the highest standards for ground ignition, ensuring you have a reliable and compliant fire starter for your forestry and agricultural needs.

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