FireSlug Slash Burner

An Alternative Fire Starter:
Safer for Workers and The Environment Than Traditional Methods

FireSlug Slash Burner

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A New Technology For Effective Slash Pile Burning
Short alcohol-based gelled blivets
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Ignites wet or dry piles even in wet weather
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Easy to light and long burning
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An advancement in burn management

Equip your team with a new solution for starting burn piles. Users report FireSlug ignites slash piles more effectively in bad weather than traditional fuel methods such as a drip torch because of its extended burn duration.

FireSlug Slash Burner is an alternative to traditional gasoline or kerosene.

Where FireSlug Is Used
  • Controlled Burns
  • Slash Piles
  • Logging Operations
  • Forestry and Agricultural Applications
  • Land Management and Restoration
  • Emergency Fire Management
Benefits of FireSlug
  • Alcohol-based blivets contained in plastic
  • Does not soak into ground
  • Rapid ignition
  • Burns longer for starting wet and dry wood piles in wet and dry conditions
  • FireSlug was tested at the US Forest Service testing facility in Missoula, MT. Our product meets the highest standards for ground ignition, ensuring you have a reliable and compliant fire starter for your forestry and agricultural needs.
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