FIRMmarker® Adhesive

Specialized adhesive for traffic markers and bonding concrete, wood, or asphalt to concrete surfaces.

FIRMmarker® Adhesive

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About FIRMmarker® Adhesive

FIRMmarker® adhesive is designed to affix traffic markers (RPMs), surface mount traffic indicators, and safety posts to concrete, but can also be used to bond concrete to a variety of other materials such as concrete, wood, or asphalt.

FIRMmarker®’s two-part epoxy cartridge and gun system mixes the product at the moment of application to greatly reduce preparation time and eliminate waste. Product includes a rugged steel gun with easy grip handle and 1:1 or 2:1 dispensing capabilities.

Meets all criteria of AASHTO M237 certification.

Use Cases for FIRMmarker® Adhesive
  • Affixing traffic markers
  • Bonding concrete to concrete
  • Bonding wood to concrete
  • Bonding concrete to asphalt
Benefits of FIRMmarker® Adhesive
  • Cartridge mixes and dispenses at time of use
  • Reseals for storage
  • Quick-release applicator tips
  • Precision application
  • Meets AASHTO M237 certification criteria