FireSnake Rail Heater

A low-smoke, clean-burning solution for rail heating for maintenance and repair.

FireSnake Rail Heater

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About FireSnake Rail Heater

FireSnake Rail Heater is a revolutionary product used for heating rails to over 300° F to help fix pull-aparts.

Each pail comes with four 10 foot “snakes” and has a quick release lid for easy access. The easy to handle and non-hazardous snakes are safer for users and better for the environment.

This product is made available through a distributor network. Contact us to be put in touch with one of our distributors.

Use Cases for FireSnake Rail Heater
  • Heating rails for pull-apart repair
  • Frozen switches
Benefits of FireSnake Rail Heater
  • Easy transport
  • Non-toxic
  • Clean burning
  • Worker Safety
  • Environmental Safety