FORREST Architectural House Paint

Commercial painting contractors in Oregon and Washington rely on us for our interior and exterior house paints and specialty architectural products delivered with excellent service.

Architectural House Paint

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About FORREST Architectural House Paints

FORREST focuses on serving commercial painting contractors with attentive service and high quality paint to ensure large scale projects run smoothly. The architectural paint line includes several options for high quality interior and exterior house paint, primers, enamels, and supplies at various performance and price points. As both our architectural and industrial coatings are sold from the same location, you can expect access to a wider variety of products and higher expertise than your local box store. We also cater to homeowners in the Eugene, Oregon and Portland, Oregon area.

Visit our specialty website for architectural products.


Exterior House Paints

Exterior house paints all carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty and are available in flat and gloss sheens.

  • SolarCeramic contains ceramic components and offers top of the line protection against moisture and solar exposure.
  • Founder’s Reserve is a premium 100% acrylic that has excellent color retention, superior adhesion, and a tight film that resists dirt pickup.
  • FORREST Radiance is blended from high quality ingredients and outperforms typical house paints offered by our national competitors.

For more product information, see our specialty architectural website.

Interior House Paints

Interior house paints offer varying levels of durability and are available in a flat and gloss sheens.

  • CeramicWise offers extreme stain protection and holds up in high traffic or commonly cleaned areas.
  • Vintage73 for its premium ingredients and formulation that pays tribute to our founder and our 45-year history in Eugene, Oregon.
  • Interior Brilliance, which contains high-quality raw materials blended in our factory and delivered to you at a great value.

For more product information, see our specialty architectural website.

Primers and Specialty Enamels

Use a primer to guarantee a durable, seamless paint job, especially on new construction or stripped wood. 

  • FORREST Stain Blocking Primer acts as a base coat for any interior or exterior paint job. Use it on bare wood, stripped houses, or over surfaces that may have residual oils or stains. As a gripping primer, it can be used on just about any surface except directly to metal. We recommend using this primer anytime a house is stripped to bare wood and before caulking.
  • FORREST Dry Wall Prime is a water-based primer created to address all of the issues mentioned above. Use this product to seal interior drywall prior to painting and create a uniform finish that lasts.
  • Visit our specialty primer page for product specs.

Enamels provide a durable gloss finish for a wide variety of surfaces including wood and metal.

  • 1-HOUR ENAMEL is a robust, fast dry acrylic enamel for interior and exterior paint jobs. Use it on surfaces that need to return to service quickly and call for an abrasion-resistant finish. One Hour Enamel works great on doors, windows, shelving, handrails, and more. Available in Semi-Gloss & Satin.
  • DURA WISE Semi-Gloss Enamel for primed metal, wood, or masonry indoors and out. Its acrylic resin boasts excellent color, gloss retention, and superior adhesion. Apply it to doors, furniture, as a topcoat for tanks, or wherever some beauty or maintenance is needed. Dura Wise complies with LEED Green Building Rating System GS-11 for interior non-flat paints.
  • Visit our specialty enamel page for product specs.