Forrest Enamels

A complete line of enamels to satisfy all of your industrial coating projects.  Our quick dry, easy to apply enamels are available in endless colors and all ranges of gloss.  Our technical lab has developed multiple low HAPS and VOC compliant solutions in water-based and solvent-based formulations.

•    14E Quixnamel is a versatile, high gloss, quick drying alkyd enamel that can be used direct to metal for interior use and exterior use with a primer.  It is ideal for all types of industrial and agricultural equipment.  Quixnamel provides a durable, attractive, and economical coating that inhibits rusting and weathering degradation.  This product can also be modified for electrostatic spray.

•    Forrest’s 64E-Series is a premium quality modified acrylic enamel system designed for exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance, high gloss, and rapid dry over primed surfaces.  To enhance versatility and appearance, this coating is formulated for use with a urethane catalyst (Forrest Technical Coatings (46K001).  Use of the catalyst is optional but will improve performance qualities and the durability of final film.  Available in aerosols and bulk containers.

•    The 714E Series is a versatile, quick drying, high gloss finish designed for use in many industrial applications. These products are Low VOC and Low HAPS to meet most national emissions regulations.  This coating system along with Forrest 16P, 216P & 716P primers provides excellent exterior performance over most surfaces.  Available in aerosols and bulk containers.

•    82E Series is a fast dry waterborne acrylic gloss enamel.  This low VOC, fast dry, high gloss enamel is designed to replace gloss solvent borne enamels used in metal finishing.  82E enamel is recommended for metal finishes requiring fast dry, high gloss and low VOC.  Direct to metal application or with 84P primer for added durability, this product is an excellent replacement for solvent-based enamels.  Recommended for use in moderate industrial climates or new construction.

•    Forrest’s 83E Series water reducible enamel is an industrial finish designed for ferrous and properly prepared non-ferrous metal surfaces.  Forrest Technical Coatings primer is recommended for use in exterior applications.  This cost-effective coating is formulated for durable weathering properties, and to eliminate the flammability and exposure hazards of the hydrocarbon solvents found in most industrial coatings.