Replacement Gasket

Replacement Gaskets individual packs or on the rollReplace your old, worn or hazardous gasket with Stove Bright® Replacement Gasket and reclaim your stove’s efficiency.  All heating appliances require controlled use of air to keep from losing heat and to acquire maximum burn efficiency. Virtually all modern stoves use gasket material to seal around the loading doors and glass. Gasket material has evolved through the years from asbestos rope to specially designed fiberglass in various sizes and density. Stove Bright® Replacement Gasket is available in both pre-cut lengths and now by the spool for custom cut lengths. It’s manufactured to be easy to handle while providing maximum sealing properties. Available in multiple diameters, densities, and tapes.

  • Easy to use
  • Packaged in pre-cut lengths or available in spools for custom lengths
  • Specially designed textured fiberglass material that is safe
  • Maximizes your stove’s heating efficiency