M230 High Temperature Sealant

M230 high temp sealantM230 High Temperature Sealant is a single product solution for all facets of manufacturing, installation, and maintenance applications for steel. Excellent for sealing the firebox and venting joints of gas, pellet, corn, and wood stoves. M230 is also an effective door gasket adhesive. Convenient caulking tube packaging makes for easy application. It air dries to allow painting before or after it is heat cured. Temperature resistant to 1100ºF peak temperatures (900ºF continuous). M230 is the perfect single solution as a high temperature sealant and gasket adhesive*.

  • Peak temperature 1100°F, continuous temperature 900°F
  • Does not promote rust when applied to bare metal
  • Air dry, cures with heat
  • Can be painted with Stove Bright® high temperature paint
  • 10.1oz cartridge

*must be cured @200°F for approximately 1 1/2 hours