Finding Stove Bright®

Stove Bright® High Temperature Paint and other consumer products are available from thousands of hearth industry specialty retail locations across the United States.


  • To find a local retailer near you, search online in your zip code area under “hearth”, “stove” or “fireplace”.
  • You can order Stove Bright products on-line from many retailers, including Northline Express.
  • You can order Stove Bright Products by calling Jim Walz Distributing at 1-800-499-4119.
  • You can contact us at: or call 1-800-537-7201


To find instructions about how to get the best results from Stove Bright® High Temperature Paint, you can reference our Stove Bright User Guide

For any questions about the Stove Bright High Temperature Paint you can contact us or call 1-800-537-7201.

For customers that need a large volume of high temperature paint or heat resistant powder coat, click here, Worldwide for contacts in the United States and around the world for Stove Bright coatings.