Transportation Gray 6334

POLYESTER POWDER COATING • Transportation Gray 6334 • 1PC-107-9145

The Transportation Gray 6334 is a full gloss, smooth finish in a medium gray color.  This formulation was originally manufactured to the specifications provided by an OEM for use on electrical cabinets inside of train compartments.Transportation Gray Powder on box

The powder coating can be used on any properly prepared metal.  It has great UV (sunlight) and weather resistance, so it works for exterior exposures.  The finish has good chemical resistance.

What makes this product different is the strict testing it has passed to be used inside of passenger compartments on trains and buses.  The tests listed below are used to evaluate the safe exit time for humans in case of fire given how the powder coating can react with heat.

ASTM E 662-13b        Smoke Density Test

ASTM E 162-2012a    Surface Flammability from Radiant Heat

Boeing BSS 7238       Smoke Generation by Materials on Combustion

Boeing BSS 7239       Toxic Gas Generation by Materials on Combustion


The testing was performed by a 3rd party lab with strict adherence to test protocols.  The coating met or exceeded all measures as outlined in the specification.

FORREST Technical Coatings has been manufacturing this powder for several years.  It has been used on parts installed on hundreds of train cars and train engines.

Review the product technical data sheet.   Please contact us with any questions: or 1-800-537-7201