630-Series Medium Heat Resistant Powder Coating

FORREST 630 Series high temperature powder coatings apply a new combination of resins to the requirement for heat resistant coating performance. This updated formulation meets European requirements for powder chemistry, and is sold around the world. The products in this series hold gloss and color for extended periods at 600°F. Good performance after 24 hours at 800°F maintaining very good film integrity with some loss of color and gloss. Color and gloss retention will vary for other colors in the series at slightly lower temperature ratings. The coating has been used on a variety of metal substrate exposed to the medium high temperatures. This powder coating series has a variety of colors available including Semi-Gloss Dark Red, Silver Texture, and Bright White. These coating products require care in surface preparation and application to ensure best results. Review the specific product technical data sheet and call FORREST Technical Coatings with questions before using these medium high heat resistant powder coatings.

FORREST Technical Coatings Powder Product Guide


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1PC-630-1123 Bright White 653-Series High Heat Resistant Powder Coating
1PC-630-3066 Gloss Dark Red 654-Series High Heat Resistant Powder Coating
1PC-630-0064 Silver Texture 673-Series Medium Heat Resistant Powder Coating
1PC-630-2275 Texture Black 619-Series Medium Heat Resistant Powder Coating
1PC-630-9507 Gray Texture 607-Series Heat Resistant Powder Coating
1PC-630-2503 Black Texture