Stove Bright Heat Resistant Powder Coating

High temperature coatings are not created equal. Surviving service at 1200°F or more is a serious technical challenge. Forrest has been engineering high-temperature coatings since 1976, and Stove Bright® Powder coatings incorporate this experience with the latest in high-temperature technology. These products are the result of extensive research, in cooperation with our suppliers, to develop a high-performance system that can be tailored to a variety of industrial applications.

If you coat mufflers, fireplaces, barbecues or other appliances with surface temperatures greater than 500°F, you should consider silicone powder. Over 500°F organic material will degrade rapidly, causing decrease in gloss, discoloration and loss of film integrity. Our newest generation of silicone powder takes the heat and meets the high standards, of our stove bright product line. Some of the advantages of this product include, higher melt point, improved shelf stability, mar resistance, UV resistance, better compatibility with other products, and easier application over a range of substrates and film thickness.

High Temp Powder Coatings – 1PC-653-Series.  This true high-temperature silicone system was developed from a proprietary blend of resins and pigments to provide service up to 1200°F (650°C). Temperature limits vary with color and gloss.  It is designed to be a smooth or textured coating for steel and aluminum substrates. It can be formulated in a variety of colors, textures and metallics.  Technical Data Sheet 1PC-653-SERIES

1PC-654-Series.  Peak temperature tolerance over 1000°F (550°C), this powder uses the latest powder coat chemistry to deliver high performance with a lower energy cure cycle. The powder meets current stringent European regulations for chemistry in coatings, representing the type of coating that can be used around the world for metal substrate both indoors and out. Proven technology used by manufacturers for more than 5 years.  Technical Data Sheet 1PC-654-SERIES

Medium High Temp Powder Coatings – 1PC-673-Series.  Heat resistant to a peak temperature of over 600°F (330°C), this new formulation delivers the best performance with high gloss for barbeques, grills and smokers. Years of development and use in manufacturing results in a high quality product with appearance and durability needed for demanding medium high temperature requirements.  Technical Data Sheet 1PC-673-SERIES

Vesta Award Finalist

1PC-630-Series.  For metal substrate exposed to 800°F (380°C) on a continuous basis, this coating will deliver great coverage at a lower energy cure than older high temperature resistant chemistry. Meeting the strictest environmental regulations, this powder can be used anywhere in the world. With a range of gloss and textures, the coating works well for gas heating and lighting fixtures.  Technical Data Sheet 1PC-630-SERIES

Medium Temp Powder Coatings – 1PC-607-Series.  This product is formulated in a full range of gloss and textured effects. It is suitable for steel and aluminum substrates. This medium heat resistant coating is designed to provide continuous service between 350°F and 400°F (180°C to 200°C) and intermittent service up to 450°F (230°C).

1PC-619-Series.  This decorative coating is designed for fireplaces and general interior use. This medium service temperature formulation contains a blend of resins and pigments designed to provide continuous service up to 400°F and intermittent service up to 550°F (200°C to 280°C).