Powder Coat Finish for Mufflers & Exhaust

This specially engineered high temperature powder coating was developed to meet and exceed industry standards for highly corrosive environments. muffler1This product offers performance superior to other powder and liquid finishes on many different substrates. Rapid expansion and contraction is one of the hardest tests that a coating must withstand. Heating a coated part to 800°F and quenching in ice water stresses the metal surface and the coating. This corrosion resistant chemistry has excellent initial cure properties and creates an even tighter film at service temperatures.

  • Heat resistant up to 1200°F
  • 1000+ hours Salt Fog
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Capable of passing a full battery of corrosion performance tests for automotive applications
  • Easy to apply

Powder coated muffler blackPowder Product Guide 2015

TDS 653-2199 Muffler Black

TDS 653-0199 Muffler Silver

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