Powder Coatings

Our Powder technical department includes three chemists who bring over 50 years experience in powder coatings. Our unique experience in both high-temperature paints and wood finishes has enabled us to develop cutting edge powder technology for those applications.

Powder coatings, both stock and custom formulated by our lab, include:


Please contact our sales staff for details on our full line of industrial paints and powder coatings.Powder paint application

  • Conventional Powder Coatings  Polyester, Epoxies, Hybrids, and Polyurethanes in a variety of colors and textures.
  • Heat Resistant and High Temp powder: Our unique experience in high-temperature applications has enabled us to develop leading high temperature powder technology.  We offer a full line of heat-resistant powder coatings in many colors, textures and gloss levels.  Medium temp products are available to meet requirements up to 550°F (288°C).  Our high temperature silicone powder coatings provide service up to 1200°F (650°C).  They offer an attractive and extremely durable finish in a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly coating technology.  Stove Bright high temperature powder coatings are used by manufacturers of stoves, stove pipes, heaters, engine and exhaust systems
  • Low-Cure Powder: Low-cure powders can be used to reduce energy usage and increase throughput in high volume production environments.  Our low-cure powder coatings can also be used on MDF (medium density fiberboard) and other heat sensitive substrates.
  • ESD Coatings: These coatings dissipate static charge, reducing the chance of static buildup and accidental discharge in cleanroom environments. Their epoxy cross-linking also makes them highly resistant to the many chemicals used in silicone chip manufacturing.
  • Custom Batches: We can match powder to almost any color or texture, including RAL, Pantone (PMS) and Federal Standards. With low minimum orders and fast lead times, your choice of colors is virtually unlimited.