Metal Finishes

We manufacture primers and topcoats for OEM, General Industrial and Industrial Maintenance applications. These products include solvent and waterbase product lines, powder coatings, VOC and A.I.M. compliant coatings.

• Solvent Base, Waterbase, UV Cured, Powder & Aerosol manufacturing
• Packaging from ½ oz to 300 gallons
• Centralized Quality Assurance
• Over 1,000,000 gallons annually

Fleet Maintenance – specially formulated highly durable coatings to meet the demands of fleet use.

UV Cured 100% solids formulations provide manufacturers the ability to produce high quality finishes with the speed that U.V. cured materials provide.

Muffler Coatings– These specially engineered high temperature liquid and powder formulations were developed to meet and exceed industry standards for highly corrosive environments.

Other FORREST products:

Waterbase & Solvent Primers Enamels
Acrylics Epoxy Urethanes
Rust Preventative Heat Resistant VOC Compliant
Electrostatic Chassis & Frame Vinyl