Kitchen Cabinets and Bathroom Vanities

This product line includes our line of conversion varnish sealer, conversion varnish topcoats, and our Premium Precatalyzed Lacquer.

Varnish, sealer and topcoastEach of these products provide superior water and chemical resistance over conventional precatalyzed lacquers. An addition of a small amount of catalyst is required wit the conversion varnish products, resulting in a 24-hour worklife. Where desired, these topcoats may be used self sealed. These products are characterized by relatively high solids and outstanding durability. Pigmented conversion systems are available when painted finishes are desired.When an addition of a catalyst is too prohibitive, use of our Premium Precatalyzed Lacquer is recommended. This product is a non-yellowing, extremely durable precatalyzed lacquer. Handling and use of this product is the same as with any conventional lacquer.