Forrest Primers

Forrest Primers are specifically designed for non-lifting, fast drying, good adhesion, ease of application, and to give good to excellent rust and corrosion resistance over a wide variety of metal surfaces at a minimum cost. These versatile primers may be used by themselves or can be topcoated with most types of topcoats without problems.

The adhesion and flexibility of Forrest Primers make them excellent for machinery and conveyers, structural steel, farm and logging equipment, and fabricated metals.  Forrest Primers have been used with Alkyd, Acrylic, Vinyl, Epoxy and Urethane topcoats.

Not recommended over wood, fiberglass, or galvanized surfaces.  If there is any question on substrate or topcoat, we recommend running a small test patch or calling the factory before use.

•    16P solvent based primers are non-lifting, fast drying, phenolic modified, rust inhibitive alkyd shopcoat primes designed for ease of use and rust resistance.  It is possible to weld through 16P Primers.  These primers may be used by themselves or top-coated with a variety of topcoats.  This coating may be applied as is or reduced slightly with Xylene or Toluene.  Available in bulk or aerosol containers.

•    716P solvent based primers are Low VOC, Low HAPS products that are non-lifting and fast drying.  These paints are designed for ease of use and corrosion protections.  The 716P Primers are ready-to-use, but may be reduced up to 5% with Xylene, Toluene, or Forrest’s 81T714 HAPS-Free Thinner.  Available in bulk or aerosol containers.

•    84P water based primers are water based products that provide excellent adhesion to cold rolled steel, aluminized, galvanized, and some chrome surfaces.  Available only in bulk containers.