Infernex the high temp coating

Engineers and equipment manufacturers have trusted Forrest Technical Coatings for decades as a world leader in high performance liquid coatings. Our latest comprehensive collection, INFERNEX®, is specially formulated to solve your exterior exposure challenges by providing a cost-efficient application that delivers on appearance and corrosion resistance with low environmental impact.

Forrest Technical Coatings has been the respected global manufacturer and distributor of the high temperature Stove Bright® brand since 1978. We bring the same innovative chemical engineering and experience to the INFERNEX® product line.

To learn more about how INFERNEX® coatings can solve your high heat challenges, contact us today.

FORREST high temp finishes

Withstands temperatures up to 1200° F (648° C) for liquid coatings and up to 1100° F (593° C) for Powder coatings