Restore-X® Exterior Wood Deck Cleaner

consumer_exterior_wood_deck_cleanerRESTORE-X® Wood Deck Cleaner is perfect for bringing back the natural beauty of your wood deck. A versatile product that can be diluted with water to meet the needs of your project. For tough jobs, use at full strength. (For light cleaning jobs, dilute with water.) No matter how much cleaning is required, simply apply, wait, and rinse!

Our Exterior Wood Deck Cleaner is the first step in restoring the beauty of exterior unfinished and semi-transparent stained woods that are weathered and have dirt deposits or stains.  Now it is possible to remove old semi-transparent stain that has lost its original appearance.  RESTORE-X® Deck Cleaner dissolves old stain and accompanying watermarks and eliminates the graying effects of weathering by removing the deteriorated wood cells, mildew, pollutants, etc., that cause discoloration.  Old wood looks new again and unsightly semi-transparent stains are easily removed.  No longer is it necessary to cover up with solid stain or paint.  RESTORE-X® Deck Cleaner is the answer for decks, wood siding, fences, benches, planters, patio furniture, and other exterior wood surfaces.  Available in one gallon jugs and 5 gallon pails.