Restore-X® Easy Deck User Guide

User Guide to Easy Wood Deck Restoration

Deck before Restore-X®

RESTORE-X® Wood Restoration Products can make your job easy and increase your satisfaction.  RESTORE-X® products are biodegradable, odorless, and non-flammable.  They are also water based for easy clean-up and specially formulated for your safety.  In the past, the only solution to weathered wood and deteriorated, semi-transparent stain or clear exterior finishes was to hide them and the natural beauty of the wood under a new coat of solid stain or paint.  Similarly, surface preparation of deteriorated paints with the sanding and scrAfter Restore-X®aping has always been a labor intensive undertaking.


1. READ LABEL DIRECTIONS ON ALL CONTAINERS CAREFULLY and note specific instructions for Restore-X® Exterior Finish Remover, Deck Cleaner and Wood Brightener contained in this guide.

2. Conduct several small test samples in inconspicuous areas (one foot square).  It is essential to conduct several tests in different areas, as the condition of the surface will vary depending on the extent of exposure to the elements.  Monitor the time it takes and the amount of product used to achieve satisfactory results.  This test sample will help you bid the job accurately and schedule the amount of time necessary to complete the project.

3. Materials and equipment: Having the proper materials and equipment available before applying Restore-X® will help ensure the success of your project.  Your experience will bear this out.  The following items are highly recommended:

  • Rubber Gloves and Boots
  • Eye Protection (goggles)
  • High-Pressure Washer, Hoses, etc.
  • Duct Tape and Plastic (to protect aluminum)
  • Synthetic Rollers and Brushes only
  • All Stainless Steel Airless Sprayer
  • Sprayer for Deck Cleaner or Wood 
  • Brightener (pump-up garden Type)
  • Respirators (only if Restore-X® is sprayed)

Sprayer Equipment: Airless spray equipment is recommended for Deck Cleaner and Wood Brightener.  All Internal sprayer parts (fluid section) must be stainless steel, Teflon, plastic, or nylon. DO NOT USE Restore-X® in spray equipment (fluid section) with aluminum alloy or leather internal parts or packings.  CAUTION: Do not pump Restore-X® through old paint lines!  Residual paint remaining in the hose will be sloughed off and will clog the spray tip.

4. Take care of the landscape.  Rinse shrubs and surrounding lawn before and after treatment.

5. Preparing the surfaces.  Mask all aluminum windows and door frames securely with silver duct tape and plastic (or other non-porous leak-resistant tape).  This is important as Restore-X® will remove anodizing from metals and discolor aluminum.  If Restore-X® does come in contact, rinse immediately and thoroughly with water.  If damage does occur, contact the window/door frame manufacturer.  Use with extreme caution on doors.  Water may seep through paneled doors staining interior surfaces.  With hardwood doors, water may cause both darkening and a raising of the grain.

6. Application: Before applying Restore-X®, thoroughly wet the surface and broom off excess water.  This encourages even penetration of the product.  Three important steps to remember when applying Restore-X®: 1) apply a heavy coat using only synthetic brushes or rollers, 2) keep the surface from drying by misting with water* if necessary, and 3) wait for the product to do the job. 

*An alternate method for keeping the surface damp:  After application of Restore-X®, use 1 mil plastic sheeting to cover the surface.  Place plastic against product; plastic will stay in place, reduce moisture evaporation and speed removal.

7. WAIT! 

Exterior Finish Remover (EFR): It is very important to allow Restore-X® time to dissolve the deteriorated finish and weathered wood.  Latex paints may take considerably longer than oil base paints; so do expect some variation in removal time.  Take a break while Restore-X® works for you, and then test several areas with a stiff brush and water.  If the results are satisfactory, proceed with removal.  Typically, removal times vary from 1-4 hours.  If a second coat is required, wash away the first coat and reapply.  Note:  If recoating with paint or a solid-body stain, complete removal of weathered paint or stain may not be necessary.  Any remaining stain or paint may provide a good substrate for adhesion.  You will need to test the remaining paint or stain to determine if it is suitable for recoating.

Deck Cleaner: Unfinished weathered wood will take 1 to 15 minutes.  Deteriorated stain in exposed areas removes in as little as 5 minutes.  Stain in protected areas may require up to 1 hour.  Expect some variation in the time required.  Mist lightly with water every 15-20 minutes.

Wood Brightener:  All wood should be clean before using Wood Brightener.  Pressure wash surface or use EFR or Deck Cleaner before using Wood Brightener.  All applications should be left to work 5-15 minutes.  If first application leaves an uneven finish or does not brighten to your desired finish, simply reapply. 

8. Removal: For large projects, a pressure washer will greatly increase productivity.  Remember, however, that a pressure washer can do damage when used improperly.  Be careful not to place the nozzle too close to bare wood or windows.  Use a fan tip that will not “drill” the surface.  Rinse the surface thoroughly, but do not overwork stubborn finishes with the pressure washer, as damage to surrounding exposed surfaces may result.  Rather, simply spot apply Restore-X® and repeat the procedure.  Remember, it is not necessary to achieve 100% removal during surface preparation.  Paint that still maintains a good bond with the underlying material can provide a satisfactory surface for repainting or staining with a solid-body stain.  If a pressure washer is not at your disposal, be sure to agitate the surface in one direction (with the grain) to promote removal of stains or weathered wood.  Do not “scrub back and forth”.  Because Restore-X® is removing old deteriorated wood cells, it can cause tiny “hairs” to develop on the surface.  Scrubbing back and forth can magnify this effect.  Too much of this can require sanding, which defeats the purpose of this product. Agitating in one direction with the grain will help to keep these “hairs” from exposing themselves.

9. Refinish the Surface: To ensure a lasting natural wood color, always complete the Restore-X® process by applying a clear finish, wood preservative or semi-transparent stain as soon as possible.  Time is less important when repainting, but avoid long delays that may allow dirt and/or mildew deposits.  Contact your Restore-X® Dealer about Penetrating Wood Finishes.


The following estimates are intended as a general guideline only. Do not use for bid purposes!

Average Waiting Time
Flat Latex                                                    2 hours
Latex Enamel                                              3 hours
Oil Base House Paint                                  1 hour
Oil Enamel – Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss   1 hour
Oil Enamel – Gloss                                       3 hours
Heavy-Bodied Latex Wood Stain                 1 hour
Solid Bodied Oil Wood Stain                        1 hour
Iron Primers                                                  2 hours
Porch and Deck Enamel                               4 hours
Clear Wood Finishes                          1 hour (water sealers, varnish…)

EFR is intended for deteriorated surfaces.
There may be substantial differences between protected and unprotected areas on the same building.  Testing in more than one location is recommended.


The following estimates are intended as a general guideline only. Do not use for bid purposes!

Finish Average Waiting Time
Weathered Wood                                1-15 min.
Semi-Transparent Oil Wood Stain      5-45 min.
Semi-Transparent Latex Wood Stain  5-60 min.