Alaskan Moose Hide

Alaskan Moose Hide has been specifically formulated to preserve and protect vertical wood surfaces.

MooseHide Alaskan wood sealerMoose Hide is a premium transparent wood finish incorporating three prime resins:

  • Linseed Oil, which penetrates into the wood to aid in the adhesion and to help rejuvenate the wood cells.
  • Long Oil Alkyd, to provide flexibility and durability in temperature extremes.
  • Polyurethane to seal and protect.


Moose Hide is a fungal, mildew and blue stain resistant coating.  One coat of Moose Hide will protect and seal the wood.  To enhance the natural beauty of the wood, recoat with a second coat of Moose Hide.  A third coat will deepen and enrich the gloss finish.

Apply with brush, roller, pad, airless or conventional spraying systems.

Available in Quarts, Gallons, and 5-Gallon containers

Product Data Sheets

Alaskan Moose Hide Flyer


This product is recommended for use on properly prepared wood substrates.  Not recommended for horizontal decking surfaces.