Employee Comments

FORREST Technical coatings employee shot

“I like the fact that this is a family oriented company. We have and have had several 2nd generation workers here which speaks well for the company.  I also enjoy working the people here.  In many cases it’s like I’m working with friends who have become like family. One other really good thing for people here is that we like to advance people within the company as much as possible.”    T,  Health & Safety – start date, Nov, 1976


“Great working environment, wonderful people to work with, with an even better group being added recently – we have great navigators at the top, making good decisions regarding the future of FTC.”  R, Shipping – start date Oct, 1990


“I have been working at Forrest Technical Coatings for 14 years. I love working here because I am able to have a flexible work schedule. I have 2 children and I am very lucky to be able to take time off and go on field trips and volunteer in their classrooms. Forrest Technical Coating is very family orientated with a great team work atmosphere and wonderful support system.”    K, Administration – start date, Nov, 2000


“The fast paced, ever-growing environment keeps me excited to come to work every day. I feel like my work actually makes a difference in the overall performance of the company.”    By J, Business Analyst – start date July, 2006


“I like working at FORREST because the company appreciates their employees.  I feel like I can make a difference by doing my job well.  For the business to succeed it takes multiple people across different departments to get the job done.  The job is always about making the customer happy with our products and services.”  By P, Marketing & Sales – start date Oct, 2006


“Having worked for both larger and smaller companies in various technical fields I can state that Forrest Technical Coatings has provided the most support and encouragement to be creative and proactive, and has provided the best structure for being self-directed while still being able to use resources to help every stage of a project along. The people have been extremely good to work with and the lab really does work as a team, even though we have our own individual areas of responsibility and our own projects. I feel that my contributions are appreciated, and I feel that they do make a difference in the overall company. I appreciate the level of professional respect I’ve received and recognize how skilled and knowledgeable my coworkers are. Altogether, it is fun and interesting to work here.”   S, Research Chemist  – start date, May, 2009


“I have been with Forrest since October 2010 . What I like about working at Forrest Technical Coatings? It’s a family owned company, you’re not just a number like bigger companies I have worked for in the past.  Forrest truly cares…  Most everyone works well together, there are opportunity to move up, and they are is willing to train. I love my job and enjoy coming to work.  A, Accounting  – start date, Oct, 2010

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