As of February 2014, Forrest Paint Co. has adopted a new company logo along with the corporate brand name FORREST Technical Coatings.  This rebranding is a reflection of the company’s strategy and focus.  It is aligned with our commitment to advanced industrial products, solutions and support.  It also creates the opportunity to strengthen our portfolio of targeted sub-brands; for example, Stove Bright® by FORREST Technical Coatings.  The sub-brand Forrest Paint continues on in conjunction with our architectural products and retail business.

While refreshing and modernizing our logo, we maintained the three tree motif that has stood for Forrest Paint for the past four decades.  The continuity in the trees speaks to the fact that while we are innovating and focusing on the future, the core values of our family business remain unchanged.

Forrest Paint Co. was founded in 1973 with the mission to provide industrial coatings and superior technical support to northwest manufacturing companies.  Over the last 40 years, the company has grown from 8 employees to more than one hundred and has established itself as a leading manufacturer of niche products used by contractors, consumers, and industrial producers of heating appliances, heavy equipment, wood products, high tech machinery, and snowboards.  

Forrest Technical Coatings is known worldwide for its Stove Bright® brand of high temperature coatings, which have been sold on six continents.  All the company’s products are manufactured in Oregon, and about one quarter are exported outside the U.S. 

Forrest recently entered its second generation of family leadership and has focused on developing specialty products that have unique market niches.  The company is proactive in protecting the environment through investments in low emissions technology like powder coatings, UV curable and water-based coatings, as well as through paint recycling programs.  More than a decade ago, Forrest was the first paint manufacturer in the country to reduce emissions by installing a biological system to “compost” air pollutants from its factory.

From what began as a solid customer base in the Northwest, Forrest has grown into a national and internationally known company in the coatings industry and continues to position itself for future growth.



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Stove Bright Color Cards

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